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With its 44 years in the restaurant business, including 24 in fast food and 15 as a franchisor, I created BF Consulting to accompany the project creators Ensign.
I am able to give you help to launch your quick restoration project to French

Information about? contact@ouvrirunfastfood.com
There may be several forms of collaboration that can be between the remote consulting by telephone and email or total support where I am physically moves the needs of missions.

Let us first see the range of services I can offer you.
Services to choose according to your needs, the mission of creation will be particularly focused on company-specific production systems:

• Market study of the city, facing the small competition, validation of your local,
• the realization of a specification called  » work bible ‘from 50 to 500 pages
• the establishment and implementation of the various phases of the project
• assistance in the preparation of the CEP (provisional operating account)
• Support for the creation and registration of the trademark, logo
• Pre-design study (traffic plan, forward march, feasibility) according to a standard local
• Optimization and validation of appropriate equipment
• Food SEO provider, packaging
• Establishment of supplier contracts
• Creation of the range of products with technical data and mounting procedures
– Salads
– Bagels
– Wraps
– Hamburgers
– Desserts
– Beverages
– Etc … all in the French taste
• Loyalty Program
• Establishment of a communication plan
• Possibility of home delivery
• Establishment of data sheets for each product, each menu (procedure)
• Implementation of cost sheets of each product, each menu
• distributions, organization and distribution of working hours
• Training on your point of sale and assistance in setting up products and conservation
• Training before opening
• Presence at the opening
• … and other actions to give you all the advantages of success
• Telephone support after …

Information about? contact@ouvrirunfastfood.com

A mission that can range from a few days to months or even years.
The cost of my intervention can be defined by the hour, day, week, or month withholding benefits. (Excluding fresh displacement)

You can only satisfy the benefits you want, depending on your needs and your budget, it’s a little work  » a la carte ‘.
The mission will be governed by a contract drawn up specifically with the selected services.
I spent 24 years with my fast-food network that I created (40 points of sales in France and abroad) so I have a perfect knowledge of the trade ..

It is quite possible for a first appointment to bring me there, to check the city and the local.

Information about? contact@ouvrirunfastfood.com

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